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The best way to manage holidays, leave, attendance, Human Resources documents and reports

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Saves 85% in labour costs


Reduces absenteeism by 20%


Does not require training


Can be integrated with any platform

Manage holidays and leave easily

Woffu also solves:

  • Monitoring attendance and schedules
  • Document management
  • HR reports
  • Shift Planning & Management
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Holidays, sick leave and permissions manager

Deal with your holiday and leave issues →

  • Work calendars and customised agreements
  • Display team leave for managers
  • Platform accessible to every employee with customised information
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Monitoring attendance and
working hours

Manage work schedules to suit your needs →

  • Convenient sign-in on all device types
  • Easy installation
  • Immediate access to reports on hours worked
  • Security and visit management report

Shift Planning & Management

Digitize in an easy way your staff shift planning →

  • Display your work shifts calendar
  • See what profiles you have available at any time
  • Quickly manage incidences according to every day needs
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Document management

Centralise information and simplify document management →

  • Documents shared between HR and employees
  • Organisation of files with labelling for easier navigation
  • The most secure environment, and in the Cloud


Consult metrics and management KPIs for Human Resources →

  • Report on users and days accrued
  • Absenteeism charts and rates
  • Reports on hours worked
  • Security and visits report

Over 500 companies choose Woffu as a Human Resources suite for managing their teams

Successful cases →

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A far more convenient service, with better information than our previous Excel-based system. Easy to implement and changes are seen more quickly.

Ana Gómez

Human Resources Technician

cbre cliente logo

Makes management a lot easier Implementation has been easy with hardly any issues. Acceptance by the employees has been very good , since everyone has recognised that it also provides them with a new and much simpler process.

Modesto Botí

Coordinador Senior de Gerencias

pronokal cliente logo

Woffu was able to understand our requirements perfectly in an enviable "time to market", had in-house developers and responded in a remarkably expeditious manner. The platform's high degree of usability, represents a 99% chance of success.

Clara Lapiedra

Associate CEO PronoKal Group

sony cliente logo

Excellent personalised service with 100% support. The program is great, it's easy to understand and manage and makes the work of managers and their teams a lot easier. No time is wasted and it is very clear for everyone. It makes my work a lot easier.

Virtu Juez

Coordinadora Finanzas

cliente logo catchoom

The product is still being developed. A product that is in continuous development means I get more from the same service every time. The communication channel has always seemed to me to be open and to hand

David Marimon


cliente logo en femenino

A comprehensive, flexible and functional system, with total visibility, which offers savings in time and paperwork and a reduction in manual errors, thereby translating into money saved. I would recommend it to any company seeking profitability and looking to optimise processes.

Pilar Martínez

Head of Finance