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Optimize the vacation calendar in an efficient and easy way
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The best way to organize your team's vacations

When a company reaches certain size it requires a system, furthermore than any Excel spreadsheet that allows to organize the vacation time of the team members. With Woffu it is possible and easy. Just try it free for 15 days and you'll see!
The best way to organize your team's vacations

The team requests vacations

Quickly and easily from any device

The person responsible approves

Each person responsible manages the team's requests keeping control of dates issues

Everything is registered

Available information at any time, any place


Amazing profits

Much more than a spreadsheet to manage the vacation time

Quick start up

Start using Woffu in your organization in 5 minutes.

Assignment of days

Automatic assignment of vacation days


Integration with other applications through the API.


Automatic warnings for starting vacations.

Overtime management

Conversion of overtime to vacation time.


Automatic control of your local holidays.

Departments and job titles

Organization of the team by departments and job titles.

Issues in dates

Warnings in case of overlaps in dates among the members of a department.


A top-level support for any doubt or problem.

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