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Traditional HR Ways

  • Manual Processes
  • No company-wide transparency
  • Rigid access
  • Wasted hours

Long and tireless processes

No time to focus on what matters



Woffu HR Ways

  • Digital Processes
  • Company-wide transparency
  • Cloud access
  • Optimized hours

Automated and easy processes

A lot of time to focus on what matters



We eliminate friction by increasing transparency & saving time

  • Reduce absenteeism by 20%
  • Save up to 86% in presence management
  • 100% Adaptable

API for easy integration

No need for onboarding

Dedicated support team

Available in 6 languages

Integrated with corporate ERP systems

Microsoft Azure infrastructure

“People are the most important asset of any company, and people´s most important asset is their time. If employers would take into consideration the time of their employees, rotation and absencentisim would decrease, and thus increase employees’ commitment.”

Miguel Fresneda

CEO at Woffu


We take care of you so you can take care of your employees

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Collaborative Time-Management Platform for HR professionals


View of the entire organization in real-time, better manage employees’ time at work.

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The easiest way to request for time-off anytime, anywhere and under any motive.

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Creating more transparency and visibility between team members and departments.

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Fluid company-wide communication, providing news feed from one single platform.

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Document sharing

Organize, share, download and manage documents all from one safe place.

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Easily extract reports that helps HR take better predictive and data-driven decisions.

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