Digital signature

Digital signature

Reduce costs and time with the digital signature of documents

Try the digital signature for free
Try the digital signature for free

Digitize the signature of your HR documents, safely and from anywhere

The digital signature

  • Automate and simplify your signature processes in one place
  • Sign your documents at any time and from any place and device
  • Centralize and maintain control over your signature flows
Sign HR documents safely

100% safe and legal

  • Sign documents with full legal validity, complying with the most demanding regulations worldwide
  • Protect the security of your documents, your company and employees data
Digital signature with full legal validity

Save time, reduce costs and protect the environment

  • Eliminate tedious tasks over HR and employees
  • Reduce hidden costs in document management
  • Achieve more sustainable processes by saving paper, ink and mail
Reduce costs with the management and digital signature of documents

Success case

The management and signing of documents and employment contracts on paper generate hidden costs in printing, messaging and storage. With Woffu the cost is € 0

76% of HR documents are signed on the same day, thanks to the digital signature. 97% are signed in the first 5 days

Human Resources reports


Start making better data-driven HR decisions


Per employee, activity, presence, absence and more

Make calculating severance pay easy with the report on users and days accrued

  • List of all users on the platform
  • Total of days accrued

Analyse work absenteeism and detect patterns by department, work center, etc.

  • History of all requests up to four years old
  • Holiday report by period, department and people
  • Rates of absenteeism from work
  • Sick leave and paid leave report

Look after your team by monitoring the amount of hours worked

  • Report of hours worked adapted to current employment regulations
  • Balance of hours booked vs. hours per contract

Minimise risks with the security and visits reports

  • Attendance report by work center in case of emergency
  • Visits report
Document sharing and electronic signature

Document Sharing

Easy document sharing between HR and employees


Send out payslips, supporting documents and signedcontracts

Centralised information

  • Access to documents by user, department, management level ect.
  • Flexible classification with customised labelling
  • Share and classify documents with your employees

Stored in a cloud-based environment

  • Customised distribution of payslips for each employee
  • Documents are always accessible

Success case

Delivering paper payslips has a cost per employee of 28 eur per year. With Woffu the cost is 0

Having a digital process that is not optimized has an equivalent cost of 180 hours of HR work. With Woffu the cost is 0

internal communication HHRR


News has never spread faster!


Get everyone on board on the latest company news

One click away

  • Easily send individual and group announcements with images and attached documents

Don’t feel spammy

  • Give the opportunity for employees to access the information at their own time without distracting them

Company wide reach

  • Everyone receives the same piece of news regardless of hierarchy. See who has received and read the new feed

Success case

Give employees a reason to be that increases their motivation and dedication to the company’s goals

Enhances transparency and communication: Easy way to reach the entire company and making sure everyone receives the same news at the same time

HHRR Presence Control


Optimize time management and people at work

Attendance and Time Off

The only platform that connects attendance and time-off for maximum time optimization

Planning work-days

  • Structure your teams working schedules
  • See who is present and who is absent at any given time
  • Start making predictive decisions on the go

Clock ins & clock outs

  • Digitizing time to measure productivity and enhance transparency
  • Control your employees working hours in real-time
  • Give your employees ownership over their working hours

Flexible compensation

  • Give back the extra hours worked to your employees
  • Make work life more flexible by implementing a trust system
  • Adapt to the new workforce expectations for better retention

Success case

Win back 40% of your time and dedicate it to what really matters: people

Increase motivation and productivity by 80%

HHRR Turns


Best employee planning tool


Plan and coordinate work schedules

Create work schedules

  • Easily configure calendar according to labour agreement
  • Create unlimited variety of fixed, flexible and rotating schedules …ect

Assign them to teams and departments

  • Notify your employees via app and web
  • Employees have access to their working hours
  • Share the calendars with respective teams

Visualize the schedule in the calendar and take action

  • Edit future working hours based on hours worked
  • Control and respect every employee’s working hours
  • Avoid conflicts by showing transparency

Monitoring attendance on the dot

Automate all of your employees schedules under one umbrella

Minimizing incidences by digitizing your processes

  • Export attendance report in real-time
  • Take better predictive decisions

Control visits grant quick access and minimise risks

  • Visitor identification
  • Managing access days and time
  • Automated visit reports

Seamless clock in and clock out with multiple options

  • Fingerprint based biometrics
  • Facial recognition
  • Card
  • App and desktop with geolocalisation

Success case

Save up to 86% of the time invested in attendance management

Save 55% of costs derived from these processes by going digital


Holidays & Absences

Seamlessly request for time off at any given time

Holidays and absences

Time-off requests and management made easy

Request for time-off

  • Holiday and absence request in 3 clicks
  • Anytime, Anywhere (web & mobile)
  • For an absence leave, employees can attach a motif


  • Employees are fully aware of their remaining holidays
  • They can effectively plan ahead their days off
  • Request for flexible and remote hours/days
  • Absence calendar that can be exported to gmail, outlook, etc

Quick validation


  • HR has a general overview of the entire absence calendar
  • Can export real-time reports for better predictive decisions
  • Automatic validation for employees who have earned an extra day off for having worked during a day off

Success case

Has proven to save 85% of time spent on absence & vacation management

Represents 55% of financial saving on time management