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How we meet the challenges faced by our customers

Brownie case

Display a complete overview of employees’ holidays

  • Easily see the general “map” of holidays in every department
  • Manage teams more easily on days with very strong sales
  • Avoid conflicts between employees and managers when managing holidays
  • Bring more rigour to the business and avoid imbalance in the workforce with a signing-in system

Woffu provided us with the solution

Teams are much better planned since the store manager can view his team’s proposed holiday leave

  • Efficient, semi-automated holiday management
  • Everything is recorded and we can create a log for future years
  • Monitoring attendance and improving the efficiency of the company’s resources
  • Everything is recorded and we can create a log for future years

GHD case

Get rid of paper and Excel files and give the whole workforce access to their holidays.

  • Option for employees to check their holidays at any time.
  • Have everything saved in one place to avoid confusion and/or errors.
  • System for recording the hours worked.

Woffu provided us with the solution

It makes work for employees and the company much easier and it saves time. Fewer errors and mistakes.

  • Get quick and accurate reports.
  • Managing work scheduling is much faster, clearer and can be viewed at any time.
  • Calendars updated by location.
  • Easy monitoring of days taken/available to the employee, direct line manager and HR.

GAM case

Save time on employee management

  • Achieve transparency and visibility for departmental managers and employees
  • Improve low visibility of people’s attendance/leave which makes it difficult to manage resources in summer periods.
  • Automate and standardise the holiday application process.

Woffu provided us with the solution

Standardisation of the holiday management process at all levels.

  • Transparency for employees in managing available days.
  • Display showing how the teams’ work is organised
  • Exporting absenteeism data in bulk format in SAP has meant considerable time savings.
  • Practical elimination of possible errors by reducing manual data input by almost 100%.

Over 1000 companies have chosen Woffu as their Time-Management Platform for their teams

“A far more convenient service, with better information than our previous Excel-based system. Easy to implement and changes are seen more quickly.”

Ana Gómez
Human Resources Technician

“Makes management a lot easier Implementation has been easy with hardly any issues. Acceptance by the employees has been very good, since everyone has recognised that it also provides them with a new and much simpler process.”

Modesto Botí
Senior Management Coordinator

“Woffu was able to understand our requirements perfectly in an enviable “time to market”, had in-house developers and responded in a remarkably expeditious manner. The platform’s high degree of usability, represents a 99% chance of success.”

Clara Lapiedra
Associate CEO PronoKal Group

“Excellent personalised service with 100% support. The program is great, it’s easy to understand and manage and makes the work of managers and their teams a lot easier. No time is wasted and it is very clear for everyone. It makes my work a lot easier.”

Virtu Juez
Finance Coordinator

“The product is still being developed. A product that is in continuous development means I get more from the same service every time. The communication channel has always seemed to me to be open and to hand.”

David Marimon

“A comprehensive, flexible and functional system, with total visibility, which offers savings in time and paperwork and a reduction in manual errors, thereby translating into money saved. I would recommend it to any company seeking profitability and looking to optimise processes.”

Pilar Martínez
Head of Finance