Digital signature

Reduce costs and time with the digital signature of documents

Try the digital signature for free
Try the digital signature for free

Digitize the signature of your HR documents, safely and from anywhere

The digital signature

  • Automate and simplify your signature processes in one place
  • Sign your documents at any time and from any place and device
  • Centralize and maintain control over your signature flows
Sign HR documents safely

100% safe and legal

  • Sign documents with full legal validity, complying with the most demanding regulations worldwide
  • Protect the security of your documents, your company and employees data
Digital signature with full legal validity

Save time, reduce costs and protect the environment

  • Eliminate tedious tasks over HR and employees
  • Reduce hidden costs in document management
  • Achieve more sustainable processes by saving paper, ink and mail
Reduce costs with the management and digital signature of documents

Success case

The management and signing of documents and employment contracts on paper generate hidden costs in printing, messaging and storage. With Woffu the cost is € 0

76% of HR documents are signed on the same day, thanks to the digital signature. 97% are signed in the first 5 days