Best employee planning tool


Plan and coordinate work schedules

Create work schedules

  • Easily configure calendar according to labour agreement
  • Create unlimited variety of fixed, flexible and rotating schedules …ect

Assign them to teams and departments

  • Notify your employees via app and web
  • Employees have access to their working hours
  • Share the calendars with respective teams

Visualize the schedule in the calendar and take action

  • Edit future working hours based on hours worked
  • Control and respect every employee’s working hours
  • Avoid conflicts by showing transparency

Monitoring attendance on the dot

Automate all of your employees schedules under one umbrella

Minimizing incidences by digitizing your processes

  • Export attendance report in real-time
  • Take better predictive decisions

Control visits grant quick access and minimise risks

  • Visitor identification
  • Managing access days and time
  • Automated visit reports

Seamless clock in and clock out with multiple options

  • Fingerprint based biometrics
  • Facial recognition
  • Card
  • App and desktop with geolocalisation

Success case

Save up to 86% of the time invested in attendance management

Save 55% of costs derived from these processes by going digital